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Practice Areas

Marco Ambron offers a wide range of legal services,

not only in Immigration Law, but in other areas as well.


Employment-based Immigration

Mr. Ambron provides legal services for companies and individuals dealing with employment-based immigration.

If you are the prospective beneficiary of a non-immigrant Visa such as H1B, O, L, J1, F1, M Visas or you think you may be able to apply for an employment-based green card, contact us immediately.

Mr. Ambron will seamlessly guide you throughout the entire process, from assessing your options, to collecting the proper documents, filing all necessary applications, and maintaining or changing your status.




Family-based Immigration


Mr. Ambron believes it is a human right for immigrants to have the possibility to stay united as a family with their relatives.

Whether you married a U.S. citizen, or a lawful permanent resident, or you are a relative of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Mr. Ambron will help you exploring your options and possibly obtaining legal status in the U.S.

Mr. Ambron will take care of the entire process, preparing the appropriate application, collecting the necessary document, representing you at the interview at the Immigration Offices and in general helping you avoiding common mistakes that could jeopardize your chances to get a green card.


Removal defense

Mr. Ambron has extensive experience representing immigrants in removal (deportation) proceedings. 

If you are in removal proceedings, you may still be able to remain in the U.S., by applying for some form of relief, such as political asylum, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status or others.

Removal proceedings are a very delicate matter. Mr. Ambron will explore all the options you have to avoid deportation, while representing you in Court in a sympathetic and careful manner, at a reasonable cost.  

Health Law

It can be very difficult to comprehend what your rights are while dealing with the complex, intricate and confusing Medicare and Medicaid regulations at a time when you or your loved ones are sick.

Mr. Ambron will help you navigate these troubled waters and protect your rights to adequate, professional, responsible medical care under the law.


Contacting Mr. Ambron will prevent unnecessary denials, help you gain access to the medical care you deserve, while giving you peace of mind through the entire process.


Landlord/Tenant Law

​Marco Ambron is a volunteer counsel for the San Francisco Tenants Union. He has extensive experience in Landlord/Tenant Law and focuses on offering representation and high quality legal advice to tenants in need.

Mr. Ambron can help you with wrongful evictions, harassment or discrimination, lack of repairs and maintenance, unlawful rent increases, withholding of security deposit and in general with any issues you may have with your Landlord.




Marco Ambron will assist you in obtaining U.S. Citizenship. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you will be eventually able to apply for U.S. Citizenship.

Obtaining U.S. Citizenship will confer you several rights and privileges, such as the right to vote, the right to hold federal jobs, the possibility to leave the U.S. for long periods of time without having to worry about reentry, and the possibility of adjusting the status of your relatives.

Mr. Ambron will help you filing the appropriate paperwork, collecting all the necessary documents and will accompany you at the USCIS interview. ​

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